From Science Fiction to reality

I worked with the founding team at  Waverly Labs to help them launch their flagship product, Pilot Speech Translator. Taking machine translation to new heights, the team envisions a world where seamless, conversational translation is accessible to anyone.

My role was to lead the design and development of all software, as well as head up the integration of the hardware, which took the form of a pair of specially tuned, noise cancelling earbuds. I assembled a team of designers and developers and set out to gather requirements and understand the constraints of the hardware, software and timeline. I set out to bring a user-centered perspective to the team of engineers and developers. This took the form of user interviews and surveys, all complete before a single user flow was sketched. Over the course of the project, my role evolved into that of a product architect: gathering requirements, setting out the vision of the software and working with the development team to ensure that features were developed to spec.

This product presented a number of unique challenges. Harnessing the potential of the hardware, and working within it’s limitations proved to be extremely challenging, but the result is a holistic experience like nothing else. True face-to-face translation. 


Role: UX Design, Product Management